3 months!!!

I (Jo that is) have not posted to our blog in 3 months…almost 4. Once my sister moved in our life has been in a whirlwind. Here are the highlights from the last few months:

  • My sister moved in.
  • We put our house on the market.
  • My mom put her house on the market.
  • My mom’s house sold in 15 days.
  • Our house sold in 45 days. (There was a lot of staging and work that went into our 45 days…thanks to my husband).
  • We found a new house in SW. We put an offer on it and got it! It is Raleigh Hills and it is giant and fabulous.
  • My mom did phone interviews for a job here.
  • Me and MKU raised two kids…tough times.
  • My sister started school here and turned 16 years old.
  • Me and MKU worked and tried to keep it all together.
  • MKU and his brother drove to move my mom across country with my mom’s sister (my Aunt).
  • My mom and her plethora of animals moved into our tiny house with my sister, Co, Mo, and me…and our animals.
  • We are finalizing everything to close on our current house and our new house on the 10th of November.
  • We continue to try to keep it all together.

Needless to say, it has been nuts here. BUT below are some pictures of our darling boy from the summer. There are a ton of cute naked photos from the summer (he was mainly naked the entire summer), but we want to respect his privacy…for now.

I am going to get back on track with documenting our family…I am just going to get back on track period.