A is for Architecture

Co stays home with his daddy and I think that they have a good time. I know that little boy doesn’t laugh for anyone the way he laughs for his papa, so Mo is doing something right.  But I am me, and I am concerned that Co is not full experiencing the world. He is a little sponge and I want to make sure we are keeping him engaged as much as possible. For example, tonight I was showing Co how his car drove around the floor, then he took his car and drove it around the floor. He is so darn smart! So I am going to give Mo and Co a little baby curriculum that they will get every week. You know… a letter  that they work on, a color, something like that…I am not going to go overboard (hopefully). I get that our son is only nine months old. I will keep you updated. I think we will start February 1st…and perhaps it will start with A…A is for Architecture. How fitting for this father and son!