A whole new world (don’t you dare close your eyes)

Today was a whole new world…Jasmine and Aladdin have nothing on me. A little bit of sleep can change your whole perspective of the world. There are days that I feel like I cannot go on and that I have to get in a car and go to Mexico…alone. Today was not one of those days. I got dressed, made dinner, got my haircut (thanks to a couple of fabulous friends who watched Co for Mo and I-cheers for Brian and Lindsay)…in the words of Ice Cube “today was a good day.”

Not every day has been good. I was afraid I had postpartum depression, turns out I really am just sleep deprived. I spoke with my doctor about it a few weeks ago, because I have had some rough days and I was afraid I was losing my mind. She said that I was just having trouble adjusting…ain’t that the truth!

As Mo pointed out, the few breakdowns I have had were precipitated by no sleep the night or day before. Those days were rough…probably more on Mo than on me. He is a good, good man, because I was definitely on a train to crazy town. It is so hard because I think “now I have got it down” and the next moment I have no idea what I am doing and I have turned into a basket case…I think that may be the deal with being a parent. 

However, last night Co slept for three hours at a time, was up for maybe thirty minutes and then back to sleep. Today he slept and when he was up there was a lot less screaming. It was a miracle, a beautiful, beautiful miracle. Pray for a repeat performance!