Aunt Ashwee’s Visit

My (Jo’s) little sister was here for the last week and it was so great. We call Aunt A, “Boo Boo,” but during this trip I referred to her as Aunt Ashwee. I am perpetuating Co mispronouncing her name probably forever because I think it is cute. Oh well, I am sure Co and Aunt A will have lots of names they will call each other over the years.

She was here to help with Co since Mo hasn’t been able to pick up the little man. Now, let’s be clear, my sister is a teenager and that definitely brings a different vibe to the party, but she was awesome.  Here is what she taught Co (later to be demonstrated on video):

  • Gestures to “wipe” his hands. He saw her dusting her hands off and he had to do the same.
  • Co now fake snaps. He can’t really snap, but he watched his Aunt A and he was all over it.
  • Co thinks it is hilarious to “fake” drink from his bottle. Another Aunt A contribution.

Co loved having her here and so did we. It was a good time to reconnect, to let her know how much we love her, and to use her as free (or at least cheap) labor.  Now of course, I took no pictures of the beautiful girl, but luckily we will see her soon for the little man’s 1st birthday! We love you Ashwee!