One more time!

So its been 6 weeks from my last post. And I was doing good. I had a
month with nothing but improved sight. The swelling in my face had gone
down. I was even taken off some of my drops. Which I must say is huge,
because I fucking hate taking drops.

Then on labor day we were roofing our house, getting ready for the
rainy season that is on its way. So on Saturday evening I was at a
local pizza place, getting pizza togo for everyone that was at my house
working on my roof. I had a set on a bench waiting for my order. As I
sat back on this damn bench I hit my head on a case that some jackass had place right behind this bench.

This sucks for a few reasons: 

  1. As a retail designer and hopefully some day an Architect. I firmly believe that spaces should not injure people.
  2. As someone who has been advised by one of the best doctor in the eye repair  industry to avoid blunt head trauma (which this was).

So my retina detached, and that sucked. I was with a friend Amanda
and she was convinced that it was really no big deal. I think she was
trying to talk me off the ledge. I got home, eat some pizza, took a
shower, called one of my doctors and went to the hospital, and final I
had emergency surgery first thing sunday morning.

I'm now two week post surgery. My sight sucks, it looks like a fun house mirror out of my eye. I still keep it shut most of the time. And while it tuff to admit but the doctors dont think that my eye is ever going to get much better. Pretty damn awesome!

I should have had that pizza delivered.

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One more time or maybe two at the max

I'm feeling great, work is going great I'm driving again. I even help Ray with his deck last weekend. All that being said I'm driving to the hospital for more surgery. Why you ask? While yesterday afternoon at work I lost almost all sight in my right eye. I had meeting all afternoon, so after work I went to see a doctor at casey, Devers is closed for the weekend. The doctor looked at my eye and the first thing he said was, "when was the last time you ate?" I was like shit. Anyways bottom line is I'm having the same surgery that I had three weeks ago. And becuse my retnia detached, I will have to have two more surgery. So what here we go again. I'll post tonight with some pics.

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3 days later

So its been 3 days since my surgery, I've spent much of my time since with my head pointed down at the ground. Dr. Stout put an air bubble in my eye. All being said it was not the best outcome, but it could have been worse, if I had gas or oil the bubble would have been in my eye for 4 to 8 weeks. The air should go away in about a week or so. The down side to this whole thing is that I have to stay on my stomach. So my neck and shoulders are so sore. Johanna found a place yesterday that makes chairs that keep my head in the right position. That being said I got about 4 hours of sleep last night, and thats huge. Here are some pics of the gear around our house. BTW Johanna took some photos the day of my surgery at the hospital, I'll post them when she gets home form work.


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The next step

So today I go in for another eye surgery at Devers. There really is not much for me to say, Doctor Stout is really good, like super good. It been pretty interesting working with people at this caliber in there professional career. If you asked him how good he is he would beat around the bush. However you ask anyone that works around him, while not even that, my primary care Doctor, Dr Tewfik, said that Dr. Stout was "Classy" and "world renowned". So I've got that going for me.

More after I wake up.

BTW, I'm F-ing starving.

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eyedrop or idrop

So I'm on a lot of drugs, mostly drops for the eye, also some pain killers and some anti-inflammatory. For the most part these drugs don't do much for me. Let me re-phrase that, I fully understand what
these drugs do for me in the long run. Besides a few bad after tastes there is no really physical changes to my body. That was until this afternoon. I got a new eyedrop that really racked my stomach. I should really call this the idrop this new drop was really just a mix of three things, First med is my new iphone, the seconds is some asphalt of a Les Schawb parking lot. And the thrid and last piece of this was a four foot fall.

New case for my iphoneiphone damage

Lets just say that after the "drop" the phone went right into my pocket, I did not even really look at it. Just jumped into the car and headed to the Apple store. I had a 25 minute wait to talk to a "Genius". He told me that it would be 0 to have it repaired. The thing that really gets me is that since I dont have depth perception I can't drive, and I've tried to get to the Apple store twice in the last week to get a case but just could not make it happen. I think Johanna said it best, "Every a new car gets a scratch." In the end I just got a case and was on my way, this happened  hours ago and my stomach is still all over the place. (This is Johanna- and my dear husband is being very sweet to act as if he dropped the phone…in reality it was me. I was trying to wipe off some fingerprints I got on it and I dropped the little slippery thing. Let's just say that this incident has not helped his healing). On another side note I think calling someone, especially a employee a genius kind of just sets them up for disappointment. There is nothing genius about the people working behind the counter at the Apple store.


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eyephone day 21

So this last weekend was huge, for a lot of reasons. First off some friends of ours, Molly and Eric got married. The wedding was great, we love Molly's parents Rick and Pat and it was super great to spend time with such great people. What was really great about this wedding was that Johanna was able to perform the ceremony. However, by far the best part of this weekend was the release of the iphone on Friday. Yeah I waited in line, yeah I dropped 0 on a phone, yeah I'd do it all over again. Even with one eye I can rock this phone hard. This phone is everything an apple product should be. It looks and feels great in your hand. The UI is intuitive and smart. The best part is that it feels like OSX in my pockets…. super great.  So what does this have to do with with the current condition of my eye and the process or healing? While I'm not sure, I think that having these distractions with weekend might have taken my mind off the pain in my eye. And I think that's what I needed. So this week, the week after has been really good. So good in fact that I think I'm going to go back to work full time next week. fun fun fun. Oh, I saw Tim (my retina doctor) on Monday. He said that my eye is clearing and that next week (week 4) we will make a call on my next surgery. Cross your fingers folks, I want to get this over with.  

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The eye day 11

I had an ultrasound today, Dr. Stout seems to think that things are looking better. He upgraded me for a 50/50 chance to getting my sight back to a better than 50/50 chance. There has been some movement since last Wednesday. Both Dr. Stout and my ultrasound tech Pat and Dr. Stout's Fellow were very pleased to see the changes. The pain is still there, I had a bit of a rough morning. I went to work for about 3 hours today. Then I crashed hard. I came home at lunch and slept for the entire afternoon. I'm going to go into the office in the morning and try and work until noon.

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