A Boy’s Best Friend

What should you do when you enter into your third trimester? Get a puppy! Well, maybe you shouldn’t do that, but that is what we did and I don’t think I have seen my son or my husband happier. Photos taken by our talented 4 year old.





I’m Back Baby

So, in October I (Jo) gave a big ol’ story about how I would post more since we sold our house and we were moving into a new house. Turns out I am just now coming out of the hole of my life.  I will recap the past few months at some point. Not today. I just wanted to say I am back and I am going to try to chronicle our life in a more meaningful way…like we have done for years. I won’t beat myself up for the past several months. Life happens.

3 months!!!

I (Jo that is) have not posted to our blog in 3 months…almost 4. Once my sister moved in our life has been in a whirlwind. Here are the highlights from the last few months:

  • My sister moved in.
  • We put our house on the market.
  • My mom put her house on the market.
  • My mom’s house sold in 15 days.
  • Our house sold in 45 days. (There was a lot of staging and work that went into our 45 days…thanks to my husband).
  • We found a new house in SW. We put an offer on it and got it! It is Raleigh Hills and it is giant and fabulous.
  • My mom did phone interviews for a job here.
  • Me and MKU raised two kids…tough times.
  • My sister started school here and turned 16 years old.
  • Me and MKU worked and tried to keep it all together.
  • MKU and his brother drove to move my mom across country with my mom’s sister (my Aunt).
  • My mom and her plethora of animals moved into our tiny house with my sister, Co, Mo, and me…and our animals.
  • We are finalizing everything to close on our current house and our new house on the 10th of November.
  • We continue to try to keep it all together.

Needless to say, it has been nuts here. BUT below are some pictures of our darling boy from the summer. There are a ton of cute naked photos from the summer (he was mainly naked the entire summer), but we want to respect his privacy…for now.

I am going to get back on track with documenting our family…I am just going to get back on track period.

A Boy and a Girl

My sister (Jo’s) moved into our house last week. She wasn’t suppose to move in with us until the end of August, but things change and life is full of excitment. My mom sent us guardianship papers so we can register at school, provide medical care, etc. So we call her our fake daughter. Our son loves and hates his aunt/sister. He follows her and copies her…signs of true admiration. But he also gets SO mad at her and scratches, pinches, bites, and hits her. It is so inappropriate, but secretly so funny. They are going to have an interesting relationship!

In other news, the house goes on the market on Monday if we can get everything together. Honestly having my sister here has been a real help. She has worked her tail off and has been a real rockstar! Way to go fake daughter!

Locked in the Garden of Eden

We have a beautiful new fence and gate…of course, we finish it as we decide to sell our house. Mo did an awesome job (Uncle William did a great job helping get the project started). The funny thing is that Co hates it. It has really cramped his style of running down the sidewalk, which is why the fence was made in the first place. Here are some photos of Co in the garden and one of Co trying to escape.

We’re Expecting…A Teenager…and a Grandma

So you may have heard rumors, but get the real deal here. Yep, my (Jo’s) sister, Ashley, is moving to Portland and shortly my mom will be following her and we will all live in one big ol’ house together.

Here is how it all went down…

  • My sister needs to get more focused in school and the saying goes “it takes a village” so Mo and I thought we are her village, so let’s get serious about school.
  • Ashley wants to attend college here, so if she moves now then she will not have to pay out of state tuition because she will be a resident.
  • Schools here offer Ashley different opportunities.
  • We would love to have Co around more family, it is something we are all really missing. Co doesn’t see any of his grandparents the way we would like for him to see them.
  • We want my mom here with her family, plus I feel like I need to keep an eye on her!
  • Living with grandparents is pretty normal in the South…I have done it a couple of times, my sister has, Southern people like to be all together.
  • This a great time to “buy up,” we have outgrown our starter home and buying a larger home with my mother would give us more buying power and more flexibility.
  • We are looking to get a home that there would essentially be different living spaces so the two families can have some breathing room.
  • We are up for a new adventure.

So all that is left to do is sell our house, find a school for Ashley, buy a house, pack and move, and get said house ready for a family. We weren’t doing anything this summer anyhow.

Catch Up

I (Jo) feel like we have been running around like crazy people lately…I haven’t had a moment to even check on the blogs I love to read, much less write in our own blog. Here is a brief list of what is going on. I will post photos tomorrow.

  • Our garden is growing so big and pretty.
  • Our son is growing so big and handsome.
  • Co is so busy and he is so funny! He is constantly on the move. He makes jokes and he does this silly walk that he pushes his shoulders forward and stomps around all over the place.  He is jabbering all the time and saying a few words…he is a doer and not a talker. Good for him!
  • Mo is working all the time. He is doing a bunch of different things. He has his design work, work with some of our family, and home work. Someone even stopped by the house the other day to see if Mo could build a fence for this guy. This man saw Mo’s beautiful fence and he wanted one of his own. Oh, and Mo has been devoting a ton of time to the church’s tech…he is so sweet. He is helping keep us up-to-date on a church budget.
  • My work has been very hectic. It is honestly really good, but it is all over the place. I am hopefully transitioning back into my passion and that is wonderful.  Change is just hard and we have had a lot of it.
  • Mo and I are just balancing life and work. Co is our focus, so sometimes work has to look a little different for us. We are just trying to figure it all out.
  • Our calendar is getting pretty full all the way until October…how does that happen?
  • I have hives, I don’t know why, but I am on a billion different pills. My running joke is that I am allergic to my life, it is less funny the longer it goes on.
  • I am still going to physical therapy from my car wreck that happened right before Co’s birthday party. And now I am going to chiropractic and massage therapy.  Hopefully it will all work out soon. I just don’t want to hurt any longer.
  • Mo’s eye is doing good. He is constantly trying to protect his good eye from the wrath of Co.
  • Oh, Mo is working out at his new workout place… he is happy and he is getting all in shape…I get to get into something a.s.a.p. You don’t want one spouse to be hotter than the other!
  • All the animals are doing good and recently treated for fleas and the such just in case I am allergic to whatever travels with our babies.
  • The weather is amazing! I love the sun.
  • Our life is beautiful.

I will post tomorrow with some recent photos of our life.  Just trying to catch up.

Random Funny Pics of Co

The fever is gone and Co is pretty much back in full force. Here are some random funny pictures of Co from the last couple of months…ending with some photos from tonight when Co was providing naked tech support. Funny kid!