Babies are no joke.

Jo has been having contractions since 4:00 pm on Sunday. We have been timing everything and talking to the advice nurses at Kaiser Sunnyside a lot. We have our bags packed and Jo is finishing up things at work and still no baby. Jo made the magic number of contractions lasting a minute and happening every five minutes. Our new goal is every three minutes and Jo should be really feeling those contractions…none of these little ones. Well, last night at 2:30 am Jo woke up with some major contractions and some other evidence that a baby could be on his way. Mo and Jo headed to the hospital, by 6:00 am this morning Mo and Jo headed home with no Co. However, we did get to see another ultrasound of the little one and apparently he has some big feet. The nurse said “Whoa, look at the size of that foot…it looks like a basketball player’s foot.” The nurse also estimated that Co may be around 8 lbs…keep in mind he is not really due until April 15th. He may be a big one! We do know he is going to be funny. This has been one exciting April Fool’s Day.