Birthday Boy

Co had a good birthday…for the most part. Here is the run down of the day:

  • Wake Up-Parents sing the “Happy Birthday” song. Co cries…he hates that song. Parents cheer up up with playing with him and being all around silly.
  • Breakfast-Waffles and an Orange-Co is happy
  • Tired boy won’t take a nap…too busy to do that.
  • Co plays.
  • Go the “Reading Time” at the library. Play with old friends and new friends. Cry during the “Happy Birthday” song.
  • Come home from library, fall asleep in the car. Parents drive around just to get Co a little more sleep.
  • Come home try to continue Co’s nap. He has no time for that.
  • Co plays.
  • Lunch-Chicken Fajitas with Bell Peppers and Cheese-Co is happy.
  • Co plays, gets tired, falls down and has a bloody nose. Time for nap.
  • Co and Mama try to nap for almost 2 hours…very little sleep occurred.
  • Play in the yard and help parents plant in the garden. Co eats a lot of dirt.
  • Come inside, dirty boy is stripped down and gets ready for dinner.
  • Co plays.
  • Dinner-Burgers, with various sides-Co is really happy.
  • Bath time!
  • Co plays.
  • Co’s Grandma Nonna comes over (Mo’s mom). She gives Co a gift and plays with him.
  • Co eats a birthday cake his Daddy makes for him.
  • Cake-Banana Cake with Orange Glaze
  • Grandma Nonna leaves.
  • Co plays.
  • Parents read him two books, Co passes out from his awesome 1st birthday!
  • Oh, an addition…Co wakes up screaming…Parents will have to update the conclusion of the day.

Happy birthday to our little monkey…our love.