Sheldon 10″ Lathe Teardown 

I have very little free time, which I suppose is pretty typical for someone in my stage of life. The thing is, much like Jo and her fast crafting™ I tend to just rush into things when I have 30 minutes between basketball games and birthday parties. So a few nights ago, when I should have been in bed, I started disassembling my lathe. And instead of going slowly and methodically, I noticed it was rounding mid-night and through it into high gear. when the dust settled I have my lathe broken-down into its main  components.  I came back the next day with a handful of zip lock bags and sorted everything. I’m not a monster.

My next steps

  • Teardown the tail stock – I like to start projects with the  small stuff, kind of dipping my toe into the water. Plus once I get the first small piece cleaned up, I get so excited that I jump into the rest of the project full speed.
  • Teardown the cross slide and apron – There isn’t really anything that wrong with them, but they need to be de-greaed and painted. And I need to get them off the ways.
  • Paint the bed – This is a big one. I’m going to repaint the bed, and then work on each piece, building off the bed. I think this is my best bet of getting everything back and running smoothly. I’m only going to tear into one piece at a time. And only move on once its been installed back on the bed.


She’s 40!

This post if a few days late, kind of like everything on this blog. This last week was a big one for the KU’s. We had our ninth wedding anniversary and Johanna turned 40! I’m pretty much going only going to sleep this upcoming week.

Cole inspecting the spread at Jo’s Party.

Spring on Ridgewood

A lot of people are very excited about how warm are dry our spring has been here in Portland this year. As someone who has lived my entire life in the Pacific North West, I know what a dry spring mean. A dry summer. Regardless, I will say that our garden has been blowing up over the last month, so there


Photos of Pop

My dad was a lot of diffrent things to a lot of different poeple. I wanted to make a place were we could share photo’s of him, and share our memory’s of him. I’ve made a Filckr Group called Photo’s of John Ullman”.  If you have photo’s of my dad it would be great if you could share them with us.


Fishing with Papa

Got a call last night from my Mother. My pop, John (or sometimes Juan) passed away. He showed up out of the blue on Saturday night, asking to crash at my house. And stayed until yesterday morning. He was excited to get home to see mom and work on his greenhouse. All the KU’s and Carr’s are headed to Yachats today to figure out what do do next. I dont have a fucking clue what that is.

Much like myself, my father was always the one behind the camera. So photos of him are kind of rare. That beings said, William, Cole, Pop and myself went fishing on Sunday. Very much out of the blue. It must have been 20 years since the last time I fished with my dad. I took this photo of him and Cole siting in the sun. An activity that in recent years he has become very fond of. This is the last photo I have take of my father.