Work Ethic

Many people believe that 4 year olds aren’t good workers. They are not focused, lack any real skills, and sometimes pee their paints. But I say you just need to find a profession that is suited for the above listed skills.

So I’m very excited to jump into this market with today’s announcement of the opening of Kennelly Ullman and Son Under Bed Cleaners. We offer great introductory rates. Both hourly and per bed pricing is available. Please contact us at


A Boy’s Best Friend

What should you do when you enter into your third trimester? Get a puppy! Well, maybe you shouldn’t do that, but that is what we did and I don’t think I have seen my son or my husband happier. Photos taken by our talented 4 year old.





Ape Cave

The end of the Lower section of Ape cave.

We went to Ape Cave with some friends this weekend. You see those little shiny things way up ahead. Those are Cole’s feet, as he moved into a small champer at the end of the lower section. At this point I had written him off, I figured he had a good run, and we have another on the way.

A few things to remember when going to Ape (or maybe any) Cave.

  • Bring lots of lights, not just headlamps.
  • Its cold as shit, so hoodies all the way.
  • If you can tie a rope to your 4 year old who is a “joiner” that constantly leaves you in the dust so that he can spend time with other families, do it.