Sheldon 10″ Lathe

I got the lathe setup and running. I ended up building a cart for it, so I could move it around the shop. Its a bit rough, after getting it setup, its pretty clear that this tool needs some TLC. I’ve started a list of things that I’m going to try and do to this lathe.

  • Clean and degreased – I’m planning on scraping off almost 80 years of grease and grim that’s completely coving this tool.
  • Paint – If I’m going to clean it, I might as well paint it.
  • Motor – Not sure whats going on with the motor, but when I switch it on, it just hums. So I have to spin the fly wheel by hand to get it started. Once its going, it runs fine. But its a little sketchy putting my hand that close to moving parts.
  • Drive belt slips – Any type of roughing cut stalls the spindle. The belt is leather, and looks like its original.
  • Change gear – I’ve got some gears, I need to dive into them and see what I’m missing and find replacements
  • Powerfeed – Only works in reverse, which is nice for me, since I’m left handed. But forward would be nice as well.

New Tools!

Jo came through in a big way today.  She was browsing Next Door, and found a posting for a free lathe. She jumped on it and I picked it up the next morning. When I got there I found out that it was more then a lathe. This guy was also giving away a mill and pantograph. Along with tooling and some different work holding fixtures.

Along with the machines, he also gave me two boxes of tooling, a mill clamp, rotary table and tail stock, and an X,Y drill press table.

When the dust cleared, and I got everything unpacked and sorted the final list came to this:

  • Sheldon 10″ lathe, 24″ between centers.
    • Quick change tool post
    • 5 QC tool holders
    • 2 lanter style tool holders
    • a few pounds of High Speed Steel
    • 3 jaw chuck with key
    • 4 jaw check with key
    • small and large dogs with back plate
    • shop made steady rest
    • shop made follower
    • A mix match of gears for the power feed.
    • 1/2 hp OG motor (forward and reverse) working.
  • Bench Master MV-1  Vertical Mill
    • Bench Master 6″ rotary table and tail stock
    • Bench Master Machine vice
    • 1/2 hp OG motor (forward and reverse)  with OG Drum switch
    • 2 MT2 collets
    • 4 3TA collets
    • A hand full of MT2 end mills
  • Scripta Engraver Pantograph
    • I don’t know much about this machine, honestly I had never even heard of a Pantograph until I unloaded this machine and googled it. I am looking forward to making some dials.