Locked in the Garden of Eden

We have a beautiful new fence and gate…of course, we finish it as we decide to sell our house. Mo did an awesome job (Uncle William did a great job helping get the project started). The funny thing is that Co hates it. It has really cramped his style of running down the sidewalk, which is why the fence was made in the first place. Here are some photos of Co in the garden and one of Co trying to escape.

We’re Expecting…A Teenager…and a Grandma

So you may have heard rumors, but get the real deal here. Yep, my (Jo’s) sister, Ashley, is moving to Portland and shortly my mom will be following her and we will all live in one big ol’ house together.

Here is how it all went down…

  • My sister needs to get more focused in school and the saying goes “it takes a village” so Mo and I thought we are her village, so let’s get serious about school.
  • Ashley wants to attend college here, so if she moves now then she will not have to pay out of state tuition because she will be a resident.
  • Schools here offer Ashley different opportunities.
  • We would love to have Co around more family, it is something we are all really missing. Co doesn’t see any of his grandparents the way we would like for him to see them.
  • We want my mom here with her family, plus I feel like I need to keep an eye on her!
  • Living with grandparents is pretty normal in the South…I have done it a couple of times, my sister has, Southern people like to be all together.
  • This a great time to “buy up,” we have outgrown our starter home and buying a larger home with my mother would give us more buying power and more flexibility.
  • We are looking to get a home that there would essentially be different living spaces so the two families can have some breathing room.
  • We are up for a new adventure.

So all that is left to do is sell our house, find a school for Ashley, buy a house, pack and move, and get said house ready for a family. We weren’t doing anything this summer anyhow.

Random Funny Pics of Co

The fever is gone and Co is pretty much back in full force. Here are some random funny pictures of Co from the last couple of months…ending with some photos from tonight when Co was providing naked tech support. Funny kid!


This Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 our little boy has been in this world for 1 year. At the completion of this year, it is only fitting to end with 365 things about Cole…that we love.

  1. Cole’s beautiful face.
  2. He has an adorable little body.
  3. Cole’s wonderful personality.
  4. Cole is an angel…a precious little angel that is constantly testing our patience.
  5. The way that Cole smiles.
  6. Cole’s toothy smile.
  7. Cole’s crooked smile.
  8. Cole’s dimply smile.
  9. Cole’s deep belly laugh.
  10. Cole’s giggle.
  11. Cole’s “fake” laugh.
  12. Cole making you laugh.
  13. Cole’s dimples.
  14. Cole’s dimples just highlight how adorable he is.
  15. Cole’s “fake” cough.
  16. Cole’s exacerbated look.
  17. The fact that Cole does deliberate heavy sighs…so cute.
  18. Cole’s serious look.
  19. Cole’s interest in EVERYTHING.
  20. Cole’s studious nature.
  21. Cole’s intelligence.
  22. When Cole stares about people or things to figure it out.
  23. Cole needs a minute to “warm up” to a situation.
  24. Cole’s eyebrows…those are from his Daddy.
  25. When Cole raises his eyebrows up and down.
  26. Cole uses his eyebrows to express a lot of feelings.
  27. Cole’s hairy body when he was born…especially his hairy ears.
  28. Cole’s hair.
  29. Cole’s monkey hair.
  30. Cole’s 1st Haircut.
  31. Cole’s “big boy” hair.
  32. The way that Cole’s hair sticks up like a little orangatan.
  33. The way that Cole’s dark hair looks golden in the sun.
  34. The curl in Cole’s hair when it is wet.
  35. The fact that Cole has hair!
  36. Cole’s hair getting thicker.
  37. Brushing Cole’s hair.
  38. Cole brushing Cole’s hair.
  39. Cole brushing your hair.
  40. I don’t love Cole pulling my hair, but it is sweet when he plays with it gently when he is tired.
  41. Cole trying to pull little girls hair…not cute when he pulls it.
  42. Cole’s thick eye lashes.
  43. Cole’s hard blinks.
  44. Cole rubbing his eyes when he is tired.
  45. Cole’s big, hazel eyes…even though everyone thinks they are brown.
  46. Those beautiful eyes may be brown now…the jury is still out.
  47. The way his eyes are so expressive.
  48. The size of his big ol’ eyes.
  49. Cole’s crocidile tears.
  50. The way that Cole’s chin quivers and his bottom lip pops out when he is sad.
  51. Even though it is heart breaking, his bright red, crying, when you don’t know when he is going to gasp for air.
  52. Cole’s sad face.
  53. Cole’s crazy mad face.
  54. Cole’s lips…they are his Daddy’s.
  55. Cole’s eight teeth.
  56. Cole’s space between his teeth.
  57. That Cole got a side incisor for his first tooth, “his snaggle tooth.”
  58. That Cole has four teeth at the top.
  59. That Cole has four teeth on the bottom.
  60. That Cole used to love to get his teeth brushed.
  61. Cole now loves to brush his own teeth.
  62. Cole likes to brush your teeth.
  63. That Cole loves his toothpaste…maybe a little too much!
  64. Cole loves his fluoride drops.
  65. Cole does not love his vitamin drops.
  66. The way that Cole wants to bite everything…including people.
  67. Cole’s bite marks in the window sill.
  68. Cole’s bite marks on this crib.
  69. Cole’s bite marks on us…nothing we love, but we will remember this time.
  70. The way that Cole bites my shirt and looks up at me and laughs.
  71. Cole carrying cups in his mouth.
  72. Cole carrying plates in his mouth.
  73. This annoys me, but it is funny, how Cole likes to put things in his mouth he knows he is not suppose to (i.e. rocks) and then he looks at me to stop him.
  74. Cole likes to “fake you out” with putting things in his mouth.
  75. Cole’s fat tongue.
  76. Cole licking you.
  77. Cole licking his highchair tray.
  78. Cole’s fascination with licking glass.
  79. Cole making faces on glass.
  80. Cole’s drooly face.
  81. The way that Cole eats.
  82. The way that Cole holds his spoon with one hand and eats with his fingers with the other.
  83. That Cole’s favorite food was avocado for most of this first year…they are still in the top five foods.
  84. That Cole’s likes all foods.
  85. Baby Cole eating bananas.
  86. Baby Cole eating apples
  87. Baby Cole eating carrots
  88. Baby Cole eating sweet potatoes.
  89. Baby Cole eating squash.
  90. Baby Cole eating pumkpin.
  91. Baby Cole eating green beans.
  92. Baby Cole eating peas.
  93. Baby Cole eating mangos.
  94. Baby Cole eating kiwi.
  95. Baby Cole eating rice cereal.
  96. Baby Cole eating oatmeal.
  97. Cole eating barley “cookies.”
  98. Cole eating “Healthy O’s” (like Cheerios).
  99. Cole eating “Puffs.”
  100. Cole eating “Wagon Wheels.”
  101. Cole eating yogurt.
  102. Cole’s 1st “Big Boy” Foods.
  103. That Cole hates some of our food and sticks out his tongue so it just falls out of his mouth.
  104. Cole loving oranges.
  105. Cole loves to eat pears with you. He wants to eat off the pear just like you.
  106. We LOVE that Cole can eat most of our food now.
  107. Cole’s 1st Kid’s Meal was a cheese quesadilla from Baja Fresh…he ate almost the entire meal.
  108. Cole loves hamburgers (like Daddy).
  109. Cole eating freeze dried yogurt pieces like they were candy.
  110. Cole’s had fried chicken…not the fried part just the chicken part.
  111. Cole’s first chocolate was at his 1st Birthday Party.
  112. Cole’s face when he eats something he isn’t sure about.
  113. The fact that Cole will eat anything, no matter how grossed out he looks by it.
  114. Cole falling asleep when he eats warm food.
  115. Cole is in love with cheese.
  116. Cole also is a carb fanatic.
  117. He loves pizza.
  118. He likes to hold down your bowl or plate to see what you have to eat.
  119. That Cole chews with his front teeth.
  120. That Cole loves apple juice even though he is only allowed to have it diluted and in moderation.
  121. When Cole nursed, he looked like a little angel.
  122. That Cole was always able to nurse and drink out of a bottle.
  123. Cole holding his bottle.
  124. Cole holding his bottle with his feet.
  125. Cole drinking out of a sippy cup.
  126. Cole taking an empty sippy cup and holding it to his mouth to let us know he is thirsty.
  127. Cole spitting his water across the room.
  128. Cole slamming his sippy cup down over, and over again.
  129. Baby Cole sitting in his highchair and looking so tiny in the chair.
  130. Big Boy Cole growing into his highchair.
  131. Cole is obsessed with spoons.
  132. Cole can eat pretty good with spoons.
  133. Cole has several spoons at each meal…just in case he throws one, or two, or three.
  134. Cole also loves plates and is now learning to used them without throwing them.
  135. That Cole can sit at high chairs at restaurants.
  136. Cole has even sat just be himself in a chair at restaurant that didn’t have a highchair…with his parents “spotting” him of course.
  137. The fact that Cole only wants to feed himself…for months now.
  138. That Coles wipes his food all over his eating area.
  139. When Cole is finished eating and has food all over his body…he is outgrowing this some.
  140. When Cole has caked on food in his eyebrows all day long.
  141. Cole’s snack table.
  142. Cole feeding his dog Daisy.
  143. Cole feeding Daisy at places where there is no Daisy.
  144. Cole loving on Daisy.
  145. Cole loving on Kikio.
  146. Cole loving on Betty.
  147. Cole sharing his food with all the animals.
  148. Cole trying to eat the dog’s food.
  149. Cole walking around eating a rice cake.
  150. Baby Cole swimming in the bath.
  151. Cole’s hair under water.
  152. Cole splashing in the bath.
  153. Cole walking in the bath before we make him sit.
  154. Cole trying so hard to turn on the faucet.
  155. Cole loves running water.
  156. Cole refusing to let go of his shampoo bottle in the bath.
  157. Big Boy  Cole pouring water and doing science experiments.
  158. Cole drinking his bath water with a pitcher and bending down to drink it
  159. Cole’s obsession with stacking shampoo bottles on each corner of the tub.
  160. Naked Cole after a bath.
  161. The fact that Cole has no problem going “potty” in the house during “naked time”… he just keeps going.
  162. Cole’s teeth when they chatter when he is cold.
  163. Cole grinds his teeth…which is bad and sounds so gross, but his face is so adorable.
  164. Cole’s adorable, tiny bottom.
  165. Cole’s Freddy Kreuger fingernails.
  166. Cole’s bent up toenails.
  167. Cole staring at me when I cut his nails.
  168. Cole’s round knees.
  169. Cole’s tiny, muscle-ly arms.
  170. His button nose.
  171. The fact that Cole wrinkles up his nose when he smiles at you. It is his “I’m so cute” smile.
  172. Cole’s nimble little fingers he likes to shove in your nose and in your mouth.
  173. Cole’s soft little ears. I just want to bite them.
  174. Cole’s open mouth kisses.
  175. Cole’s pucker kisses.
  176. The fact that Cole tries to kiss us over and over again when he doesn’t want to go to sleep.
  177. Cole’s chin.
  178. Cole’s birthmark on his head that you can’t see anymore because he has so much hair.
  179. Cole’s thumb sucking.
  180. Cole’s thumb sucking and ear holding when he is tired.
  181. Cole trying to lay down anywhere when he is tired…even the dog bed.
  182. The fact that Cole is a pretty good sleeper.
  183. He knows his night time routine.
  184. When he wakes up in the middle of the night he goes to sleep fairly quickly…he just needs a little love.
  185. On the few occasions that Cole sleeps with us, it is annoying and endearing that he wants to roll up right next to you or on top of you.
  186. Waking up to that smiling, beautiful baby boy.
  187. Cole sleeping with his bum straight in the air.
  188. Cole giggling before he goes to sleep.
  189. Cole talking to himself when he wakes up.
  190. Cole standing up in his crib waiting for you to come get him.
  191. Cole’s “fast turn” to get to you when he is laying in his bed awake.
  192. Baby Cole playing his music device in his crib when he wanted you to come get him.
  193. The fact that Cole is such a wiggle worm all over the bed.
  194. When Cole is so happy when he wakes up.
  195. That Cole is one of the happiest people I have ever met.
  196. Cole is always laughing.
  197. Cole thinks it is so funny to make jokes.
  198. Cole first started pulling blankets over his face to play “peek-a-boo.”
  199. His favorite game right now is for him to put his hands over his eyes as he peeks through his fingers…you say “Where’s Cole?” “There he is!” He loves this!
  200. Cole thinks it is hilarious to throw food on Daisy or to throw food to a place where Daisy has to run and go get it.
  201. Cole loves to play ball.
  202. He thinks it is so funny to have you run to get the ball.
  203. Cole likes to throw balls.
  204. Cole likes to kick balls.
  205. Cole loves bubbles.
  206. Cole likes to play with his cars.
  207. He makes “car” noises with his lips.
  208. He loves to jabber.
  209. Cole is always talking.
  210. He yells “ahhh” if he wants something.
  211. He says “ma-ma.”
  212. He says “da-da.”
  213. Cole says “bah” for “bye.”
  214. Cole says “day” for Daisy.
  215. Cole says “hi” all the time.
  216. Cole likes make chirping noises.
  217. He mimics everything.
  218. Cole has mimicked “monkey.”
  219. Cole has mimicked “Oh, yea.”
  220. Cole has mimicked “Hi, Daisy.”
  221. Cole recently has said the word “mouse” because of his nighttime book Goodnight Moon.
  222. Cole loves books.
  223. Cole likes to “read” by himself.
  224. He walks up and down the hall “reading” his books.
  225. Cole likes to run his finger under the words when he “reads.”
  226. Cole loves to rip up paper.
  227. He likes to eat the paper he ripped up.
  228. Cole loves garbage.
  229. Cole likes to move garbage.
  230. Cole likes to move everything.
  231. Cole moves furniture everywhere we go.
  232. Cole likes to “move it, move it.”
  233. Cole is a dancing machine.
  234. Cole has several dance moves.
  235. He loves all kinds of music.
  236. Cole likes to sing.
  237. He makes a monotone sound when he sings.
  238. He loves microphones.
  239. Cole likes to hear his voice.
  240. Cole likes things he can ride, but I think he likes to push them more.
  241. Cole loves to walk.
  242. Cole first started practicing walking with a push toy.
  243. He started walking at 8 months old…a blessing and a curse.
  244. Cole has such a curiosity about everything.
  245. Cole likes to examine anything that he touches.
  246. Cole loves pots and pans.
  247. He almost always has a cooking utensil in his hand.
  248. Cole likes to “cook” his snacks.
  249. Cole likes to open and close drawers and cabinets.
  250. Cole is obsessed with toilet paper. We can’t have it on the roll, because he will pull it all off the roll.
  251. Cole likes all paper products.
  252. He will pull out every tissue and wet wipe if you let him.
  253. Cole likes to unload his diaper bag.
  254. Cole likes to unload everything.
  255. He is into sorting things right now.
  256. Cole in his car seat.
  257. Baby Cole hated to be turned backwards.
  258. Big Boy Cole loves sitting faced forward in the car seat.
  259. Cole’s head when he falls asleep in the car is so sad, yet so cute.
  260. Cole is full of wonder.
  261. Everything is new and exciting to him.
  262. Cole was born aware of his surroundings.
  263. He has always been developmentally advanced.
  264. Cole is rambunctious.
  265. Cole can be gentle, but it isn’t his first response.
  266. Cole is so strong.
  267. Cole can do almost anything with his strength.
  268. Cole is full of personality.
  269. Cole has a BIG personality.
  270. Cole loves crowds of people, especially when people are paying attention to him.
  271. Cole furrows his eyebrows when he is mad.
  272. Cole has a quick temper…he takes after his Mommy.
  273. Cole yells.
  274. Cole throws things out of anger.
  275. Cole kicks.
  276. Cole has to be calmed down with some time for love.
  277. Cole is full of surprise.
  278. He is surprised with everything.
  279. He likes to surprise you.
  280. He has the funniest “surprise” face.
  281. Cole is such a tough guy.
  282. Cole is constantly working on his balance.
  283. Cole busts his bottom all the time.
  284. Cole has had a couple of incidents that led to a bruised little boy.
  285. Cole has had two colds since he was born…he is so healthy.
  286. Cole looks to us for his response…should he cry, laugh, or what.
  287. He can be shy.
  288. Cole likes to hold onto your legs when he is nervous or shy.
  289. He can be  a “mama’s boy.”
  290. He can be a “daddy’s boy.”
  291. He holds you hand when you walk with him.
  292. Cole also pulls his hands away from you when he is tired of being constrained.
  293. Cole hates any kind of constriction.
  294. Cole doesn’t like to locked into his car seat or his stroller.
  295. Cole likes to be free.
  296. Cole’s complete confidence in us.
  297. Cole’s trust in us.
  298. Cole’s love for us.
  299. Cole’s devotion to us.
  300. Cole likes to do some high stepping.
  301. He has different kinds of  walking.
  302. Cole’s shuffle walk.
  303. Cole’s fast walking.
  304. He loves to chase you.
  305. He loves for you to chase him.
  306. He loves to chase Daisy.
  307. Cole loves being scared…every since he was tiny.
  308. Cole makes everything into a phone.
  309. His diaper has been a phone.
  310. Keys have been a phone.
  311. Clothes have been a phone.
  312. Dishes have been a phone.
  313. Toys have been a phone.
  314. He loves phones and talking.
  315. He loves cell phones.
  316. He loves buttons and lights.
  317. Cole is into tech…just like his Daddy.
  318. Cole has his own phone…a real one that is just for him.
  319. Cole has two toy phones.
  320. Cole has his own remote control…a real one that is just for him.
  321. Cole knows what a remote control is for even though we don’t watch much tv in fron of him. He points it at the television.
  322. Cole knows the difference between a remote that works and one that does not.
  323. Cole is so smart.
  324. Cole is constantly testing to see what is okay or not.
  325. Cole loves the things that are not okay.
  326. Cole likes playing with the heaters…which is not okay.
  327. Cole likes playing with the av equipment…which is not okay.
  328. Cole likes playing with the light sockets…which is not okay.
  329. Cole likes to do something he knows we don’t allow and watch for our reaction.
  330. Cole reacts super fast when he knows we are going to stop him from doing something.
  331. Cole like to play under the table especially when company is over.
  332. Cole is constantly playing with everything.
  333. Cole loves the outdoors.
  334. Cole is scarily close to opening door handles.
  335. The fact that child safety locks make Cole crazy.
  336. He gets so mad when he can’t get into something.
  337. Cole likes to shove items through the cat door into the garage.
  338. Cole loves to play outside.
  339. Cole likes to play on his own.
  340. He really likes to play and include Daisy.
  341. Cole likes playing with other kids.
  342. He loves older kids more than little kids.
  343. Cole has some friends at church.
  344. Cole has some friends at the library.
  345. Cole has some friends at the community center.
  346. Cole has friends all over the place.
  347. Cole seems to like all people.
  348. Cole brings happiness wherever he goes.
  349. Cole’s cute looks and winning personality help him go far!
  350. Cole is extremely hard-headed…another thing he got from his Mommy.
  351. Cole was born 8 days late and has set his own schedule since then.
  352. Cole has a huge community of people who love him and he knows it.
  353. Cole makes our family so much better.
  354. Cole is a pure joy.
  355. Cole makes our hearts sing.
  356. Cole hugs me and I melt.
  357. Cole makes the world a better place to be.
  358. Cole is perfect.
  359. Cole is exactly what he should be.
  360. Cole is constantly amazing us.
  361. Cole is God’s love.
  362. Cole exudes love.
  363. Cole is loved and he love.
  364. Cole is the best thing that ever happened to us.
  365. Cole is our heart.