Eye breakdown

Eye Injection

So I’m home and it’s over for now. I’ve had a cheese burger and clam chowder, so I’m feeling good. Johanna is out getting me my pain med’s,  so I should be feeling really good when she gets home.

Here are some stats on my eye:

  • Got to the hospital at 12:30 .
  • Got prep and was in the holding pin of surgery by 1:30.
  • My anesthesiologist gets $500 from the hospital to by music. He just bought a 16 gb ipod touch.
  •  We had AIR playing.
  • They gave me a new lens.
  • They used the laser on my eye.
  • Doctor Hwang just got a iphone, and was totally down for taking a photo of my eye with his new phone.
  • I have an air bubble in my eye, I have to be face down for a 5 days.

I have a check up tomorrow at 1:00 when they will take off my bandages. I’ll update on if there is any improvements on vision then.

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