Live Blog: Lucky Number 5

:ok all I’m done, I’ve got to get dressed and head home. Thanks for reading the live blog of my eye. I will post that photo later tonight.

: they are to take out my iv w00t. Then I can go home and eat!

: my new nurse is a guy name Tad, he is not as hot as my pre op nurse sherry. She was kind of fly for a nurse.

:they had to put air in my eye, so a week of facing down. btw before I went in a man named dale give me a fake rose. It was nice.

:I’m back, we played AIR its was sweet. The doctor took a photo
Of my eye, with his eye iphone. Super sweet.

:ok here we go, talk to you all in 2 hours!

:Its in, man I hate ivs, brian just came in. The doc brian that is. He thinks this is going to take about 2 hours.

:they are about to put in my iv.

:they just dialated my eye.

:lg and mom just came in, lisa just took a few photos of me in my bed. They just told me that I’m going to have genral anesthesa. Was not expecting that. Btw my nurses name is sherry.

:I’m in my bed, the nurse gave me a warm blanket. I also have those sock booties that they give you, with the rubber bottems. Pretty damn sweet if you ask me. I’m so hungry, no food since last night.

:just got to my room, my wordpress does not work with my iphone. So I’m usung my moms blackberry. Wtf. I have to chage into my gown now.

Ok here we go. I’m walking to the eye place, just left the lift.