eyedrop or idrop

So I'm on a lot of drugs, mostly drops for the eye, also some pain killers and some anti-inflammatory. For the most part these drugs don't do much for me. Let me re-phrase that, I fully understand what
these drugs do for me in the long run. Besides a few bad after tastes there is no really physical changes to my body. That was until this afternoon. I got a new eyedrop that really racked my stomach. I should really call this the idrop this new drop was really just a mix of three things, First med is my new iphone, the seconds is some asphalt of a Les Schawb parking lot. And the thrid and last piece of this was a four foot fall.

New case for my iphoneiphone damage

Lets just say that after the "drop" the phone went right into my pocket, I did not even really look at it. Just jumped into the car and headed to the Apple store. I had a 25 minute wait to talk to a "Genius". He told me that it would be 0 to have it repaired. The thing that really gets me is that since I dont have depth perception I can't drive, and I've tried to get to the Apple store twice in the last week to get a case but just could not make it happen. I think Johanna said it best, "Every a new car gets a scratch." In the end I just got a case and was on my way, this happened  hours ago and my stomach is still all over the place. (This is Johanna- and my dear husband is being very sweet to act as if he dropped the phone…in reality it was me. I was trying to wipe off some fingerprints I got on it and I dropped the little slippery thing. Let's just say that this incident has not helped his healing). On another side note I think calling someone, especially a employee a genius kind of just sets them up for disappointment. There is nothing genius about the people working behind the counter at the Apple store.


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