eyephone day 21

So this last weekend was huge, for a lot of reasons. First off some friends of ours, Molly and Eric got married. The wedding was great, we love Molly's parents Rick and Pat and it was super great to spend time with such great people. What was really great about this wedding was that Johanna was able to perform the ceremony. However, by far the best part of this weekend was the release of the iphone on Friday. Yeah I waited in line, yeah I dropped 0 on a phone, yeah I'd do it all over again. Even with one eye I can rock this phone hard. This phone is everything an apple product should be. It looks and feels great in your hand. The UI is intuitive and smart. The best part is that it feels like OSX in my pockets…. super great.  So what does this have to do with with the current condition of my eye and the process or healing? While I'm not sure, I think that having these distractions with weekend might have taken my mind off the pain in my eye. And I think that's what I needed. So this week, the week after has been really good. So good in fact that I think I'm going to go back to work full time next week. fun fun fun. Oh, I saw Tim (my retina doctor) on Monday. He said that my eye is clearing and that next week (week 4) we will make a call on my next surgery. Cross your fingers folks, I want to get this over with.  

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