Fast Updates

We have been horrible about blogging lately. I will say it is because we have been so busy with Mo’s recent surgery, but honestly it is more than that…I (Jo) feel like huge chunks of time are just missing. I don’t know if it is because we have an 11 month old or if it is because we have been busy with work or the house…I don’t know what it is, but I look around and don’t know where time went. Nonetheless, here are the fast updates since last Monday.

  • Mo is still healing. He is in pain and is just wiped out. He cannot hold Co or do a lot of things around the house.
  • We had wonderful friends come last week just to help us out. Turns out it is hard to take care of a baby and a husband. A big thanks to Brian and Lindsay, Lisa, and Jil…plus our nanny and Mark-o’s mom.
  • We had our 3rd anniversary and my 34th birthday. Unfortunately, both we pretty uneventful. I will blame that on Mo healing from his surgery. That better be the reason!
  • My mom offered the services of my little sister, and just a few days later she flew out here. She got here on Saturday and will be here until next Sunday. It is very helpful, because it is just so hard to take care of everything. She has only been here a little bit and she is wiped out, but we really are thankful she is here.  THANKS SMASHLEY!
  • Co turned 11 months old, is getting another tooth (number 9), and has been a little on edge with all the changes going on. Also, sleep has been an issue. Not great timing.
  • Co is imitating all hand gestures that his aunt shows him…it is adorable. So far, they have been innocent in nature.

Okay, I think that is us. I am going to try to start blogging on a more regular basis, for your enjoyment and for our documentation.