First Day of Summer Camp

Todays is Cole’s first day of Summer Camp. And he wanted to make sure that everything “matched” from his camp tee-shirt to the glasses and hat. I think he nailed the look.

It was a bit of a bitter sweet morning, he was very excited to go to camp, and wanted to ride his bike. We left the driveway with gusto, and he headed off down the big hill towards the park. Thats when things got a little sideways. He got a full head of speed and made it all the way to the entrance of the park (maybe 300 yards of downhill) and then laid it down on the asphalt. He had a bloody knee, scratches on his new helmet and a bit of a cry. But we (daddy) decided we could carry on to camp. I put him on my shoulders and headed off to camp. At the top of the next big hill, he squirmed off my shoulders and demanded his bike back. Saying;

“No big ouch daddy, baby ouch!”

And bombed on his bike the rest of the way to camp. I’m telling you, he is going to be a downhiller one day.

Not for nothing, but Johanna wrecked hard on Friday and Cole today, don’t these things come in threes? shit.