Freak Out

Daddy and BabyPregnant women should not be allowed to watch the following: “Supernanny” and any TLC show… especially “Bringing Home Baby” and any of the medical abnormality shows. They seriously stress me out. With “Supernanny” I am afraid of what kind of child that we will produce. Will we need someone to come into our home and tell us how we are screwing up because we have a wild banshee child? “Bringing Home Baby” is the freakiest. It shows parents the first 36 hours of the baby’s life. Most people have a meltdown, because they don’t know how to take care of a newborn. That will be us! My mind races between how to give our baby a bath to how do we raise a socially responsible man? I can’t really think about it yet…we have to finish the kitchen (well, poor mo does), we need to fix up the nursery, and basically we need to get our life in order. I just pray Cole doesn’t come early. We want to meet him so bad, but we need just a little more time.