Holding Pattern

FAA_630x.jpgI (Jo) am typing from my bed at home documenting this long journey to meet Co.

As most of you know, I have been having these false starts for two or three weeks now. Well, on Saturday night it started again, but I didn’t want to go to the hospital because I wanted to go when I knew it was the “real thing.” The pain got worse, so we went to the hospital around 5:00 am Sunday morning. They did any examination and nothing had really progressed since my previous exams. But I was still in pain and having regular contractions. They decided to give me morphine and a sleeping pill to “take the edge off.” They kept me for several hours of observation,but there were no changes on any front.

So the midwife on duty started talking about sending me home and I just freaked out. I cannot stay in  this painful limbo, with no sleep until Friday morning…which was supposed to be my induction date. I had to make a case that I should be induced now instead of a few days. They finally agreed…the midwives really don’t like a lot of medical intervention. At this point, I am for just about anything. We found out that my poor little body has been working really hard with the contractions, it just wasn’t working in the right way. They started the induction with something called “miso” Sunday night and everything started changing so the next midwife on duty was really excited and thought Cole could be born that night. Everything progressed so well I wasn’t able to get another round of that medical procedure because my contractions were too close together. I tried to get some sleep that night. When I woke up that same midwife thought it was time to break my waters and get this thing started. Her shift ended and the next midwife thought we should stick with this IV drip medical called “Pictocin.”


The medical staff did that for hours and my contractions were stronger and more regular, but still no further change for the cervix. They kept pumping me up and I felt horrible, I was sick and in a lot of pain…turns out the way Cole is positioned is also causing back labor. All the nurses and midwives thought this was finally “active labor”…unfortunately nothing changed for the effacement or dilation. They bumped me back down to this pre-labor crap. Last night around 9:00 pm they unhooked me from everything, gave me some more morphine and sleeping pills and sent me home. I can go back in anytime between now and Friday to try the induction again, but honestly I cannot imagine that right now. I feel horrible…I am having powerful, “stop in your tracks,” contractions still which are killing my back and making me nauseous…I am mentally and psychically exhausted.


At this point I want to go in on Friday (if Co doesn’t arrive before that) see where we are and if I am at a place to get a little medicine will get me started I will do that…if things look the same I will get a c-section. Co may be an only child, because this so hard. I have so much respect for all the “mamas’ in the world. It is hard changing our paradigm of what kind of birth we wanted and when he is going to be here. Mo has been fabulous and I am so lucky to be married to this wonderful man. All of our family and friends have been so supportive. We truly appreciate it. Now it is time to meet this little boy! We will keep you posted!