Kisses for Mommy

Co has been able to open mouth kiss for awhile now. In fact, about a month ago I (Jo) asked him to give me a kiss and he gave me a big, wet, open mouthed kiss and then he slapped my face. It made me worry about his future relationships with women. Last week Co gave me his first puckered, no slobber kiss. It is enough to make a mama’s heart ache! Tonight Co and I were “fighting” over him going to sleep. I was laying next to him on his reading area and he was sitting next to me in the  semi-dark (it is daylight savings now). He would slowly pull himself over to me and put his face right over my face and give me one big boy kiss at a time. After each kiss he would look at me and smile. I still wanted him to go to sleep, but it was the sweetest thing ever. Little man is growing up…so maybe he won’t slap ladies after he kisses them, maybe he will just wait until they are perfectly still and mad and then he will lay one on them. I am not sure that makes me feel better.