Life Updates

We haven’t been blogging the way we used to so I thought I would give an update on the family:

Mo just finished up a freelance job. Hopefully he will have another one soon. He teaches at PSU two nights a week. Mark-o is doing okay health-wise. He officially has been diagnosed with TMJ. He has had a cold and a bad cough. Mo’s eye is doing okay…just the same. He and Co are having a good time at home. Mo has been busy doing little tasks around the home. Hopefully some day we will get this house in order.

Jo is doing good. Work is busy but awesome. We have a new Senior Minister and so far so good. I am loving being a mom and spending time with Co. Even though sometimes it is overwhelming and tiring. Health-wise everything is fine. I need to go to the chiropractor since I am out of whack due to our giant baby. I am also trying to get my body in check post baby. Everything is great…I feel like I am always on the go but nothing gets done. Who cares…I am with the people I love.

Co is doing fabulous. He has three teeth…two bottom teech and one weird snaggle tooth on the top side of his mouth…I think it is a canine toorh. He laughs all the time and talks even more…he moves his mouth like a crazy little old man…a lot of gumming. Co has a funny laugh that he does that shows his funny tooth and it isn’t the cutest laugh for those don’t love him…he snorts and looks silly. He loves to stand and he wants you to help him walk. He is busy non-stop. He is absolutely perfect…a lovable, funny, little cuddle boy.

Daisy, Kikio, & Betty all the animals are doing well. Daisy (the dog) and Co are best friends. They adore each other. Betty (the cat) is starting to really love Co too. Kikio (the other cat) and Betty hate each other.  I will be glad when we all can get along…we are getting there.

Home and Car both are changing up. We are trying to sell the Subaru. We purchased an Explorer from Mo’s sister and brother in law. We needed a larger car and this is what we are doing for now. The house is doing good. We are switching Co’s room with the home office. We are saving to get the home office up and running “for real.” Everything is going good.

So that is us. We will try to be better about sharing our world.