Live Blog: Lucky Number 6

Well friends it’s that time again. Time for another eye surgery. So get all your up to the minute info right here. The action starts at 2:00 PM PST so bookmark this page and get ready to rumble.
I’ll be posting photos to pic’s from the road.

1:42 Devers just called and asked me to head in asap. They want to get an early start. So jo and I ate in the car. Here we go kids!

1:49 I’m going to have to change the format of this live blog. I’m still working out this iPhone WP admin plugin. EDGE+WP+ the car = FAIL.

2:02 I’m at the hospital, waiting to check in, same shit diffrent day.

2:30 I’m in bed, I’ve posted some pics at ” pics from the road”. I’m going to post a pick of Cherry, my nurse from two weeks ago and also today.

2:40 they just put in my iv damn it hurt so bad. Iv + me = FAIL

3:11 still waiting. Tracey just stopped to say hi. It was good to see him.

6:40 done and done. Heading home, it took a little less then 3 hours. Its starting to hurt.

4 Replies to “Live Blog: Lucky Number 6”

  1. Johanna, Marko, & Cole (to be), You have all done this berore, so you know the drill. Patience and courage! We are thinking of you all. Peace! Tracey

  2. looking forward to good news! Feel not quite 600 miles south this pop..

  3. We are with you in spirit, if not in body. Hugs to you both. We are holding good thoughts for a good recovery.Kia and Dave

  4. Marco great that is over……… now kick back and heal. Give mom a hug for me.Start enjoying cole baby thoughts!

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