Mary Poppins has been found!

We found a nanny! So far she seems great. She started today. Since I don’t want to embarass her or put her personal info on the web we will call her Mary (for Mary Poppins). I would like to protect Mary’s privacy.

Mary and Mo are home together which I think is super funny…our house is around 1000 square feet…they can’t hide from each other. It may be a little awkward for them at first. But Mary is hanging out with Co and doing some light housework and it is fabulous. It will really help Mo get work done…paid work and work to finish our house! It will be so nice just to have a little more freedom for Mo and I and for Co.

The biggest thing is that Co seems to like her and our dog Daisy likes her so I think Mary is in! My philosophy is that you can’t have enough people to love your kid and I think Mary will definitely love Co. Co already has so many friends and family that love him…plus a whole church that this can just add to his world. Plus it takes the pressure off our friends and family to watch Co all the time. Thank goodness! I feel so relieved and so blessed!