One more time!

So its been 6 weeks from my last post. And I was doing good. I had a
month with nothing but improved sight. The swelling in my face had gone
down. I was even taken off some of my drops. Which I must say is huge,
because I fucking hate taking drops.

Then on labor day we were roofing our house, getting ready for the
rainy season that is on its way. So on Saturday evening I was at a
local pizza place, getting pizza togo for everyone that was at my house
working on my roof. I had a set on a bench waiting for my order. As I
sat back on this damn bench I hit my head on a case that some jackass had place right behind this bench.

This sucks for a few reasons: 

  1. As a retail designer and hopefully some day an Architect. I firmly believe that spaces should not injure people.
  2. As someone who has been advised by one of the best doctor in the eye repair  industry to avoid blunt head trauma (which this was).

So my retina detached, and that sucked. I was with a friend Amanda
and she was convinced that it was really no big deal. I think she was
trying to talk me off the ledge. I got home, eat some pizza, took a
shower, called one of my doctors and went to the hospital, and final I
had emergency surgery first thing sunday morning.

I'm now two week post surgery. My sight sucks, it looks like a fun house mirror out of my eye. I still keep it shut most of the time. And while it tuff to admit but the doctors dont think that my eye is ever going to get much better. Pretty damn awesome!

I should have had that pizza delivered.

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