Our 1st Mother’s Day

It\'s a Small World

Mother’s Day was a hilarious mess. Mo was a dream and took care of Co the entire weekend. I think that he was worried about my mental state…Friday was a bad day for me and Co. We are just trying to get into the groove together, plus I had to go to the doctor because I am having some issues from my stupid c-section incision.

Mo bought me an Asian pear tree for my gift. We already have one and he is starting to make me a grove of them. They are really a special part of our life, so it was a very sweet gift.

We started out our actual Mother’s Day with going to church. I was participating in both services, but when we got to church there was misunderstanding and we actually didn’t need to be at 1st service. Mo hates having to go to church for both services and that is what was going to happen. Everything went well and we had a good time seeing our church family. We came home and I took a nap…a dream for me.

When I woke up I really wanted to have fondue. We went to a local German restaurant that turned into a weird nightmare event. It was crazy busy and there were so many accordions that really made Co mad. We were there forever and it was like a Disneyland ride gone awry. I don’t think Co will ever be fond of the German culture.

Afterwards we headed home and Mo continued to take care of Co. Well, Co puked all over himself and Mo. Mo gave Co a “bath” and handed him to me. This child stunk…turns out Mo didn’t use soap the first bath. He gave Co another proper sponge bath with soap. All of a sudden I heard Mo say “Oh gross!” I asked him what was wrong (and I apologize ahead of time that this is a little crass) Mo responded “Look at my tit!” I looked at Mo and Co’s umbilical stump was stuck to Mo’s chest. I laughed so hard, it hurt my flabby tummy. Ah, parenthood…so funny and as I said before…so gross!