The King at Rest

The rock star asleep
Little King Co is one week old today (and his daddy is 26 today). On one hand it seems like the longest week of our life, but one the other it seems like it has flown by.

I (Jo) am recovering nicely from my dual birthing process…natural labor for days and it all ending in a c-section. I am now extremely anemic, have swollen feet and cankles (calves that meld into my ankles), and I have battle wounds all over. I feel fine besides the swelling. However, doctor’s orders is that I don’t do housework for awhile…yea me! Poor Mo…he is saying home with me until Friday. My mom had to go back to Arkansas. It is definitely hard. All my family had to return…we never anticipated that this little guy would be so late. I guess he has his own schedule.

I will post about the birth later… it was a little traumatic. We definitely spoke to a patient advocate because of my care and the Co’s care in Kaiser’s version of the NICU. It is water under the bridge, because we have a healthy, beautiful baby boy, but we would hate for others to go through what we went through. It is just so great to be home together as a family.