Pull Date

I (Jo) feel like I have surrounded myself in a cocoon from the outside world. I know that people are calling and emailing, but I have been blissfully unaware and relinquished myself of having to do anything. Mo has been playing secretary…talking to our friends, family, and other loved ones. I think that people know I am annoyed and just go straight to Mo now. I appreciate all the attention about our little guy, but I am tired of saying “no, he isn’t here yet” about a hundred times a day. Now I just answer questions from strangers, which include “are you having more than one baby?” Nope, I am just growing him really big! I have been with my dad and step-mom for the last couple of days…they are trying to walk this baby out of me. We are having Mexican food for dinner tonight in hopes that will jump start something. Name it and we have tried it! Mo and I did go to the doctor yesterday and if Co is not born by next week, we are scheduled to go to the hospital on Thursday night and Friday morning they will induce labor. I hope Co comes before then…like now. My dad and step-mom leave Monday and my mom will be here Sunday and leave next Sunday. I would like them all to see their grandson. It is God’s hands when this little ones day to shine will be…just say a little prayer that it is sooner than later.