Red Ring of Death

I try and not be a early adopter, to me it really does not make much sense to jump on the bleeding edge of anything. I think that this attitude is stem from some specific facts about me. First, I have extremely bad luck with almost everything that I buy. I know that this sounds like a grand statement, but this is almost always true. If you have something to sell that you don’t want to work then sell it to me. As I progress in my life mostly with my understanding of things, I have found ways to cope with my back luck, I really just have to factor in the extra time into everything I do. The second factor is that I’m extremely cheap, I don’t like to spend money on anything, this is evident though out my life, from my bikes to my

boxers. (1)

That being said I really did not jump in and get a XBOX 360 when they came out, matter of fact and much to the chagrin of my brother  Joe I more than likely would not have gotten one at all, but my loving Jo decided to get me one for Christmas 06 and I’ve been a gamer ever since. Well I was a gamer up until last week when I get the Red Ring of Death (RRoD). Basically the 360 had a hardware issue, and will not turn on. It just flashes 3 red lights ( in a ring, hence the whole Red Ring of Death name).

So I called Mircosoft to try and get this fixed, it’s really a issue  with this game system, so much so that is a option on this voice tree.

“Press three if you have the Red Ring of Lights.”

So I get a guy on the phone, he put me on hold of over an hour, and then disconnected me, remember that bad luck I have…. The second call was much shorter and in 20 minutes and they said they would fix it for free. They sent a box ect. ect. ect.

This sucks for a few reasons. I have a Play Station 1, a Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo DS and like 3 Gameboys. This devices range in age from 4 to 15 years old and they still work. All I got out of my 360 was 18 months WTF. I also use my 360 as a Media Center Extender, matter of fact, that is pretty much all I use it for. So now my TV set it in is all jack up. At first Jo just chucked the RRoD up to my bad luck and then moved on, only hours later after she had realized that not having the 360 working was going to interfere with her watching Stargate Atlantis that “This has not gotten personal.” And Microsoft better “Watch Out”.

I think the UPS man said it best when is was dropping of all white box with no printing or banding at all that, Microsoft sent to me to retrieve my lame 360.

“Looks like another XBOX shit the bed”

Apparently this was not the first XBOX 360 return box this guy had delivered.

(1) This not wanting to own cutting edge stuff in no way applies to any Apple products. I would walk off a cliff for Steve Jobs.