Say “Cheese”

We took Co to get his first pictures taken “professionally” today at a well known department store…you know the kind you were dragged to as a child. It was me (Jo), Mo, Co, and Mo’s mom. I knew that Mo would hate this idea. He would rather us go to a less surburbia route for documenting our child’s life. However, I would rather that we actually have some real photographs. Mo and I have been married for two and a half years and I still don’t have a wedding album and I have only one printed picture that I had to do myself on our crappy printer. I am not having this happen with Co…we are having “real” photographs. The photographer was fine, but there was definitely a black diaper cover involved and a red rose. That is not our style. The bad part was after the pictures were taken…we waited forever to be hard selled into getting some photos that they did these cheesy special effects to them. We chose three different poses with no effects…well one was in black and white and that counted as a special effect. The other photos were crazy, we could share them online for $14.95, but you couldn’t print them and that was frankly too high of price just to be funny. Mo is looking for another place to get Co’s three month pictures taken. However, now I will have some actual photos in two weeks.