Sheldon 10″ Lathe Teardown 

I have very little free time, which I suppose is pretty typical for someone in my stage of life. The thing is, much like Jo and her fast crafting™ I tend to just rush into things when I have 30 minutes between basketball games and birthday parties. So a few nights ago, when I should have been in bed, I started disassembling my lathe. And instead of going slowly and methodically, I noticed it was rounding mid-night and through it into high gear. when the dust settled I have my lathe broken-down into its main  components.  I came back the next day with a handful of zip lock bags and sorted everything. I’m not a monster.

My next steps

  • Teardown the tail stock – I like to start projects with the  small stuff, kind of dipping my toe into the water. Plus once I get the first small piece cleaned up, I get so excited that I jump into the rest of the project full speed.
  • Teardown the cross slide and apron – There isn’t really anything that wrong with them, but they need to be de-greaed and painted. And I need to get them off the ways.
  • Paint the bed – This is a big one. I’m going to repaint the bed, and then work on each piece, building off the bed. I think this is my best bet of getting everything back and running smoothly. I’m only going to tear into one piece at a time. And only move on once its been installed back on the bed.