Spit up and other great things about being a parent…

Mo is a much better parent than I am and I know that Co knows it. Don’t get me wrong, I know that Co loves me (as much as you can being a week and half old) and I think that he thinks I am funny (I can’t truly confirm this yet, but I have a feeling that he thinks I am hilarious), but Daddy is the one who calms him and most importantly Daddy can burp Co.

Co and I had a rough night last night, which ended with projectile going all over my hair, my night gown, Co’s body, Co’s blanket, and the couch. It was seriously gross and believe me I know that this is just the beginning of the grossness. He has already peed on the wall and in the sink, but that was more funny than gross. I won’t get into all the gross things about me and my body at this time…I will just I was not prepared for all the changes.

The gross factor really isn’t that bad, I think the biggest adjustment is the lack of sleep and Mo and I were not great sleepers before Co came. We had our old dog Obie that had to potty all the time, I was pregnant and had to potty all the time, and with Mo’s surgeries sleep hasn’t been great for either of us for awhile, but nothing could prepare us for the level of exhaustion that comes with a newborn. Our dear friend, Jil, came over today and let me sleep for a couple of hours…it was the best gift I could ever have. 

I really don’t think people are fully honest about labor and parenthood…it is much grosser than you think and a billion times harder than you can imagine. I keep saying to everyone that I can’t believe that this little human lives with us now and no one else is coming to get him or is responsible for him…it is just us. Mo and I were a little cocky and over confident about this parenting thing. Turns out Mo and I don’t know anything about parenthood, but we are learning and so far the process has been pretty great…well, at least amusing.