Birthday Boy

Co had a good birthday…for the most part. Here is the run down of the day:

  • Wake Up-Parents sing the “Happy Birthday” song. Co cries…he hates that song. Parents cheer up up with playing with him and being all around silly.
  • Breakfast-Waffles and an Orange-Co is happy
  • Tired boy won’t take a nap…too busy to do that.
  • Co plays.
  • Go the “Reading Time” at the library. Play with old friends and new friends. Cry during the “Happy Birthday” song.
  • Come home from library, fall asleep in the car. Parents drive around just to get Co a little more sleep.
  • Come home try to continue Co’s nap. He has no time for that.
  • Co plays.
  • Lunch-Chicken Fajitas with Bell Peppers and Cheese-Co is happy.
  • Co plays, gets tired, falls down and has a bloody nose. Time for nap.
  • Co and Mama try to nap for almost 2 hours…very little sleep occurred.
  • Play in the yard and help parents plant in the garden. Co eats a lot of dirt.
  • Come inside, dirty boy is stripped down and gets ready for dinner.
  • Co plays.
  • Dinner-Burgers, with various sides-Co is really happy.
  • Bath time!
  • Co plays.
  • Co’s Grandma Nonna comes over (Mo’s mom). She gives Co a gift and plays with him.
  • Co eats a birthday cake his Daddy makes for him.
  • Cake-Banana Cake with Orange Glaze
  • Grandma Nonna leaves.
  • Co plays.
  • Parents read him two books, Co passes out from his awesome 1st birthday!
  • Oh, an addition…Co wakes up screaming…Parents will have to update the conclusion of the day.

Happy birthday to our little monkey…our love.

“The Party” Entertainment

For our little one’s “Old King Cole” party we had to have a musician. Really, what does Old King Cole need? A fiddler! Well, this “fiddler” also played a squeezebox as well. It was a lot fun. He even brought handmade instruments made out of cans and the like for the kids to check out. If I ever have any more fiddler needs this is the person I am going to contact!

The other attraction for the day was the actual park where Columbia Cottage is located. The kids ran around played with balls, frisbees, and each other. Oh, and the birthday boy tried to drink out of a mud puddle. Nice!

Enjoy the pictures of the entertainment of the day and stay tuned for the last day of Cole being a 11 month old!

“The Party” Food

We had great intentions about the party food. We were going to make Banana Cake, Applesauce Cake, and Carrot Cake. We were also going to make our own fruit and veggie platters. Oh, and savory options like cheese puff pastries and stuffed rolls.  Then came the Monday before the party and we realized we were going to make ourselves nuts if we did all that. Now Mark-o held on to the savory food dream for a little bit, but come Thursday he was on board for our Plan B. We purchased 95% of the food at Costco…with the surprise help from Grandma Yogi…thanks mom. Everything was Costco…from fruit and veggie platters to cakes and cupcakes. At first I (Jo) felt like a failure, but on Friday afternoon when I was pretty much done with everything…I was elated. Truth is we had tons of compliments on the cakes. We got a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and apricot filling, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes that we huge (we actually used one for the Birthday Boy’s own cake), and the official birthday cake was a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and cream cheese filling. Here are some behind the scene photos…thankfully my little sister Ashley took these photos or I would have none! There are also some pictures of the Birthday Boy’s first taste of chocolate.

It was all super yummy and I am so glad we went the Costco route…it was such a treat to actually hang out with friends and family. I will bake a Banana Cake for the little man’s actual birthday…complete with his standard organic ingredients…who knows, perhaps Costco was a real treat for him too!

Stay tuned for more birthday party information tomorrow!

“The Party” Decorations

Look, I (Jo) am not the craftiest person, but I do like to fast craft every now and then. (Fast crafting is when you make something very quickly…it is more about speed or quantity and less about quality.) The theme of the little man’s 1st birthday was “Old King Cole.” However, you would probably only know that because of the crowns every where and the fact that there was a fiddler. Mostly everything was done in shades of blue, yellow, and green.

This is Columbia Cottage some examples of the crafting. The big thing was making the boy’s crown, but as you can see everyone was invited to make their own crowns. Why should Co have all the fun?

Stay tuned for more birthday news tomorrow!

Big Boy Party

Co had his 1st birthday party today and it was awesome. His party was at Columbia Cottage in North Portland and it was perfect. I (Jo) planned for months and crafted for weeks (and shopped at Costco for hours), but it was all worth it. A big thank you to Mo for his behind the scenes work, to my mom and sister for fyling up here and doing a lot of work to make this day so great, and all the family who made the trek to give their birthday wishes.  Thank you to Tom, the musician. Oh and last but not least, and all of Co’s community who loves and supports him. I am going to write about the party and post pictures every day until Co’s “real” birthday on Thursday.  We hope you enjoy. Thanks again for loving us and more importantly our little man. Happy Birthday week little guy!