Yeah, We Built That

It’s almost done. All that’s left is the chain and cables. Then its time to head for the hills.
So if I had to count, I’m pretty sure this this William and mine 3rd mountain bike frame. And our 8th frame overall. I think we are ready to start building for friends. Honestly we have frames coming out of our ears. It’s time to start makes frames for other people.


New Bike

Yes, our three-year-old is riding a bike. Expect many more these movies today because I have a feeling this is what our Saturday is going to consist of.

Some fun facts!

  • Cole is 3 1/2 years old
  • He now has 4 bikes
  • A wood scoot bike (totally crap)
  • A converted scoot, a 12″ fixed gear that we bought at a bodega by our old house in NE.
  • A 16″ with training wheels and a coaster brake. Thats the one he got for his 3rd birthday. Is just a little to big for him to ride without the training wheels.
  • Yesterday he got a 12″ Schwinn, that has a coaster brake. Within five minutes of being on it he was riding by himself.


This is Why I Love Italians

I’m not going to lie, I don’t really have a feeling about Italians one way or another. Maybe I should have title this “This is Why I Love Bikes.” All I know is that I would have trouble deceding this using both my brakes, and my foot.

Via Velogogo

First Day of Summer Camp

Todays is Cole’s first day of Summer Camp. And he wanted to make sure that everything “matched” from his camp tee-shirt to the glasses and hat. I think he nailed the look.

It was a bit of a bitter sweet morning, he was very excited to go to camp, and wanted to ride his bike. We left the driveway with gusto, and he headed off down the big hill towards the park. Thats when things got a little sideways. He got a full head of speed and made it all the way to the entrance of the park (maybe 300 yards of downhill) and then laid it down on the asphalt. He had a bloody knee, scratches on his new helmet and a bit of a cry. But we (daddy) decided we could carry on to camp. I put him on my shoulders and headed off to camp. At the top of the next big hill, he squirmed off my shoulders and demanded his bike back. Saying;

“No big ouch daddy, baby ouch!”

And bombed on his bike the rest of the way to camp. I’m telling you, he is going to be a downhiller one day.

Not for nothing, but Johanna wrecked hard on Friday and Cole today, don’t these things come in threes? shit.

What a View

What a hottie and what a view. If I must say so myself, Johanna is looking very PRO.



I saw this yesterday and its made me want to buy some Rapha kit.

Rapha Continental – The Movie from RAPHA on Vimeo.

I’ve been thinking about why this made me want to buy their kit and a few thing jumped out at me.

  1. This film is pretty good.  Its produced well, great camera work ect. it come across that this company is pretty serious about riding, and this type of riding. There is really no talk about racing. Just men and women on their bikes riding. They arent even competing against each other. There are several shots of two guys climbing, and  one of the guys with his hand on the back of the other guy. This film is centered around the juxapostion between cyclings group dinamic and the extreme individuality of cycling.
  2. Almost all the people in this film came across like people I’d not want to talk to, let alone ride with. Let me be clear I dont know anything about the rider in this film, they all might be great guys. Its really could be just the way the film was cut. However, I do think the stuff they are saying really did resinate with me in regards to why I ride. Almost like I want to buy Rapha kit in spite of the people in the movie.
  3. The bikes. They seem to be all hand made, but with some very top shelf gear on them. I’m sure that they are all super light  even though I did not see any carbon fiber frames. From the credits it looks like they are all hand made steel and Ti in America. So I think thats says something.

Its funny, road cycling is so much like NASCAR, or F1,or any pro sport for that matter. To be really into it you must copy the pros, what they wear and what they ride. Even if you never race you still need to look pro. This film was the polar opposite, the only thing these guys were racing were themselves. I think that Rapha is way ahead of the curve on this.

Todays Ride Brought To You By: Britney

I’m telling you with Britney in my headphone and the sun shining there is nothing that I cant do. Also at first I was very torn about riding with Cole in a trailer behind the old Trek. Part of me loved it, having him back there, chatting away and enjoying the ride with us. And another part of me was always a little stressed about it. The always trying to jump out or playing games like lets grab daddy rear wheel on climbs. Made riding with the trailer kind of rough. That being said, after pulling almost 50lb 34 miles last fridays my legs have never felt so strong. Who knew kids would make such great weight training partners.

Strava data below.

Back in the Saddle

Back in the saddle again, first mountain bike ride in over 2 years. It felt really good to be back. Even if it was a borrowed saddle. I rode with Ted, a buddy of mine, and he had an extra bike. A Cannondale none the less. We rode the Tea Cup trail in Southern Washington. It was great, I got my assed whooped by a guy probably 10 years my senior, and that was pretty sweet. It’s time to dust off the old road bike and lose the “I just spent the last year of my life on my stomach trying to keep my retina from detaching along with having a baby” fat that seemed to have found its way to my gut/ass. It’s going to be a long road.