Birthday Bonanza

Well Co is turning 2, and Jo did what she does best. Through a great party to celebrate. This year’s theme was “Our little buckaroo is turning two”. Here is a little movie of some of the highlights. You can find some more photo’s of the party on flickr. Also a big thanks to my brother Joseph for taking such great photo’s.

“B” is for Baja Fresh

Co is on the letter “B” for his baby curriculum. It is very fitting because this past weekend he had his first restaurant food in fact, he had his first kid’s meal. He had a cheese quesadilla at Baja Fresh. He ate about a third of it, had a container of applesauce, and some avocado on the side. It was perfect. It wasn’t organic like he typically eats and we dont’ want him to be a fast food junk,ie but it was adorable ordering a meal for him and it is nice to know that when his parents take him out at 6:30 pm and have yet to feed him dinner that there is a salvation for us and more importantly for Co.

Also, “B” related, Co now waves “bye-bye” and say “baa” as he does it. I, being his mom, started to cry when I found out that this little smarty was waving “bye.” He is doing amazing things every day. I can’t believe he is 9 1/2 months old! We are getting his birthday invitations ready to send out now. “B” is for  soon-to-be birthday boy!

Happy Birthday to Me

CakeToday is my birthday. I am 33 years old. I keep telling people that I am the age of Jesus (when he died)…since it is Holy Week I feel it is only fitting. It has been a good day. Mo made me breakfast in bed and then I went back to sleep for awhile. I hung out with one of our dear friends, Jil, most of the day. I have received touching cards, phone calls, and gifts…it has been a great birthday. It is funny because my birthday used to be the most important thing in the world for me. I really felt like it was a national holiday. It could be one of the down sides of being an only child most of my life. I still care about my birthday (I switched my days off so I wouldn’t work today), but the importance level has definitely dropped. Yesterday was our 2 year wedding anniversary and our first child will be here soon…the place of family has trumped my narcissism. I think it is fair to say that my family (and my friends) are the best gifts I can have anyways. It is so lame, but it is so true.