What’s Happening Lately

Turns out the KU family is seriously busy right now…work for the older two and lots of play for the youngest one. Here is a brief run down on what’s going on.

  • Co went to his first Eye Doctor appointment. The doctor is a friend of the family from church and Co was so sweet to her…and she ¬†was sweet to him as well. He kept kissing her and her equipment. His vision is fine and he doesn’t have to go back until he is three.
  • Co went to his first Dentist appointment and we found out that he is getting his molars. Poor baby! That really explains a lot…two of them have already broken through and another is on it’s way. We had no idea. Now he can really take a chunk out!
  • Another “parent of the year” moment was when Co picked up a rusty razor blade on one occasion and another occasion he was playing with broken glass. Both incidents occurred under the watchful eyes of good ol’ mom. Honestly I was right next to him for both things and this stuff still happened. Thankfully he is okay…unharmed…physically, we will see if there are any emotional¬†repercussions.
  • Co is learning new dance moves all the time. It is so cute! He really likes to “get down.”
  • Speaking of “getting down,” Co has a little bed in his room that we read to him on and get him ready for bed before he goes to his crib. Now he can climb up on the bed and off of the bed. It is pretty amazing to watch.
  • Every day is a wonderment with this little one…he is so smart and so freaking adorable!
  • His parents are doing okay too.
  • Jo (me) got in a wreck a few weeks ago and my neck still hurts so I am starting physical therapy this week.
  • Mo started a gym and is excited about it.
  • And as I started this post, we are both super, super busy…me at the church and Mo with his freelance work…which is clearly a blessing during this economy…we are just trying to keep our priorities straight and raise this little boy!