New Bike

Yes, our three-year-old is riding a bike. Expect many more these movies today because I have a feeling this is what our Saturday is going to consist of.

Some fun facts!

  • Cole is 3 1/2 years old
  • He now has 4 bikes
  • A wood scoot bike (totally crap)
  • A converted scoot, a 12″ fixed gear that we bought at a bodega by our old house in NE.
  • A 16″ with training wheels and a coaster brake. Thats the one he got for his 3rd birthday. Is just a little to big for him to ride without the training wheels.
  • Yesterday he got a 12″ Schwinn, that has a coaster brake. Within five minutes of being on it he was riding by himself.


4 eyes


I will say, that they are very cutie eyes at that. Also those are my new safety glasses. Or at least will be after I get some safety glass put into them.