New Glasses

I got a package from Warby Parker yesterday. And I’m pretty sure I want to buy at lest four out of the five of these frames. But more then likely I’m going to get the Larkin’s. I’m kind of digging the smoked bottoms. Warby Parker try on at home idea is pretty cool. And I have to say that $95 bucks for frames and lens is a killer deal. Let me know what you think.

4 eyes


I will say, that they are very cutie eyes at that. Also those are my new safety glasses. Or at least will be after I get some safety glass put into them.

eye: T+26h

Well the eye is been un-bandaged, and I have had my post op visit with Doctor Hwang. My eye looks different, they gave me a synthetic lens, and an air bubble so the front of my eye is super glassy. Jo says that it looks like I have some type of bionic eye. The doctor said that I need to wear dark sunglasses for the next two weeks, so I’m thinking either a pair of Smiths or Oakley’s. Here are a few photo’s of the pre-op live blog, and or the doctor himself.
Doctor Hwong In pre op, live blogging eye t+26h