Freak Out

Yesterday Cole had an almost 2 hour freak out, that included me having to carry him over my shoulder all the way home from school. Turns out the only thing that got him to calm down was a video chat with his mom. I wonder why?

She’s a great mom.

Happy Birthday to Me

CakeToday is my birthday. I am 33 years old. I keep telling people that I am the age of Jesus (when he died)…since it is Holy Week I feel it is only fitting. It has been a good day. Mo made me breakfast in bed and then I went back to sleep for awhile. I hung out with one of our dear friends, Jil, most of the day. I have received touching cards, phone calls, and gifts…it has been a great birthday. It is funny because my birthday used to be the most important thing in the world for me. I really felt like it was a national holiday. It could be one of the down sides of being an only child most of my life. I still care about my birthday (I switched my days off so I wouldn’t work today), but the importance level has definitely dropped. Yesterday was our 2 year wedding anniversary and our first child will be here soon…the place of family has trumped my narcissism. I think it is fair to say that my family (and my friends) are the best gifts I can have anyways. It is so lame, but it is so true. 

Kitchen: T+14 days, Eye: T-1.5 days,

Island wall It feels like we have hit a milestone this evening, we have installed all of the new cabinets (not pictured above). We had a birthing class all day today so the progress on the kitchen has been minimal. However small the progress has been its progress none the less. And it feels really good to be able to have the hanging of the cabinets behind us. Next up, I will be installing the sub-straight for the counter top, sink and dishwasher. I have about 24 hours to get all that done before I go back under the knife. I think for this surgery I’m going to be posting my updates to jomoandco. This site is very new, and jo and I have not fully decided how we are going to use it. There a lot of things changing in our lives, it seems like even our relationships with time is changing (I think its speeding up or something). Needless to say, I think this site is going to be an attempt to consolidate our energy, at least when it comes to the recording of or lives. Well at least we will give it a shot.

Island wall #2

Kitchen remodel day 7

jo paintingIts the small things

We have come a long way in a week. Living out of the one of our bedrooms. There has not been much sleep for me, I’ve left that up to jo and co. We got all the cabinets on the east wall installed along with the installation of the frig, microwave (w00t) and stove. Prop’s to pop, two weeks in a row, there is only one word to describe that man, HARDCORE. To Bean’s for keeping it real and rocking and rolling all weekend. And to Jil doing that painting oh so well. Only thing left is everything.