Kitchen remodel day 7

jo paintingIts the small things

We have come a long way in a week. Living out of the one of our bedrooms. There has not been much sleep for me, I’ve left that up to jo and co. We got all the cabinets on the east wall installed along with the installation of the frig, microwave (w00t) and stove. Prop’s to pop, two weeks in a row, there is only one word to describe that man, HARDCORE. To Bean’s for keeping it real and rocking and rolling all weekend. And to Jil doing that painting oh so well. Only thing left is everything.

Thunder from down under

There’s your problemWell its official, we have started the kitchen remodel. Demo is the worst part of remodeling. When people say “I love demo” they are not the people that are going to be putting the place back together. My back hurt for 2 days. Much thanks to Justin, who has been promoted to Legend status, this guy busted 2 out of my 3 shovels. And to my pop who has done this before, and that is what really counts.