The Fever

Co has had a fever since Saturday…he has been miserable and therefore we have been miserable. No sleep at the KU household! Co is getting all of his molars at the same time…I (Jo) am not sure if this is why he has a fever, but it is cause of his pain. The high of the fever got to 102 and I freaked out. The advice nurse has been consulted very regularly around here. She insisted that it was out dated to think that a high fever would do damage…perhaps I am outdated, but no one wants to see their boy miserable. His fever is less today and he is full of smiles again (and deafening whining). Even at his worst times, he always has a little energy to shake his groove thing…that boy was born to boogie! The game plan is to keep him doctored up and try to make him comfortable. We will report more later!

Back in the Saddle

We have been sick in this house! Mo’s surgery was rescheduled, Jo took a day off of work to cheer up Mo, but was do sick Mo had to take care of Jo and Co. It has been yucky around here! There is less hacking and more laughing. Here are some photos of the little guy from his week of the cold…notice the wet nose. Don’t worry, the green all over his face is avocado.