Our Valentines

This was Co’s first Valentine’s Day. He had a good time…hung out with the family, received some board books, etc. We have pictures that we will post in the next day or so.

However, the real treat of Valentine’s was what my sweetie hubby did.  In the six plus years we have been together, he hasn’t surprised me with really anything. This Valentine’s day he blew me away. He scheduled our Nanny to hang out with Co. Then we hopped in the car and started driving. We drove all the way to Skamania Lodge where we had the fanciest dinner I think I have ever had and then we had a couples massage. It was awesome!

I was a little nervous about a couples massage, but all it really was the two of us getting separate massages in the same room. Mo was actually silent for most of the massage…he normally is a talker but he was quiet and enjoying the pampering. After our massages we both retreated to separate locker rooms and hung out in the sauna and jacuzzi…it was dreamy.

It was the best Valentine’s day ever…not because of the items purchased, but because of the thought that went into it. However, Mark-o’s next surgery is scheduled a couple of days before our anniversary and my birthday and when I went to say something about it, he responded with “I just gave you the best Valentine’s ever, can you give me a break on the other stuff?” Yeah, I guess I can.