Tech Challenged

Well, our blog went down for a few days and we are missing some posts, but good ol’ Mo got it back running. The posts that are missing are mainly from me (Jo) and I don’t think there was anything too profound. Mo is a miracle worker with tech. I  barely know how to use our remote…to my defense…it is very fancy. I think Co will be a techie to. He lays in his bed at night pushing this button for this musical thing in his bed that had lights. It will be dark and quiet then all of a sudden music starts playing and lights start flashing. He has been making his own laser light show since he was three months old. He is gifted.

[Update] We do have a nice remote, Logitech Harmony 360, it has buttons that say things like, Watch TV, Listen to Radio, Play DVD.  One you press said button, the remote does everything else. Its pretty tricky ; ). -mo