The Family

We went to our monthly “Family Dinner” it is something that we started with our friends last fall. We realized that we see less and less of our friends…people that we once spent time with every week if not every day. We meet once a month and we rotate houses and come together to talk, to eat, and to share. These are friends that I (Jo) went to college with and they have become friends to our entire family…they are indeed our family. They are the ones we call when we have joys or when we have sorrows. They were in our wedding and there when our son was born. We noticed that because of all our busy lives we didn’t see each other the way that we should. We felt like we didn’t know their kids the way we should and we knew that we certainly wanted them to know Co. So we no longer meet in bars and stay out late like we did in college, we are together for shorter periods of time, most of us with children, but we are touching base with people that help make us who we are. It is fabulous.