The Final Countdown

As of this very second, Cole is due in a little over three weeks, and we are not ready. Now everyone tells us that we will never be ready, but I mean…we are really not ready. This is how Jo and Mo roll…we are the biggest procrastinators in the world. We are good at deadlines and being on top of things in our professional lives, but in our personal lives we just can’t get it together. We have a lot of the “stuff” for Cole and we have received a ton of items for Cole from friends and family (including church family). However, we don’t have the nursery together, primarily because we still have sheetrock work to do in the kitchen that Mo can’t do because he just had surgery. I didn’t want to set up a cute and clean little nursery that will be covered in this weird toxic dust. See we always have a reason why something can’t happen…it is usually legitimate. But it is our own fault that we don’t start stuff sooner. Right now we are trying to figure out finances and life to see if Cole will go to childcare or if we can figure out another option. Perhaps this is something we should have worked on before Cole was on his way! Oh well, I believe it will all work out…I can’t wait to see what Cole is like…he will probably be some deadline loving, overachiever, he will get all his work done way ahead of schedule so he won’t be like his parents. We will try to finish the nursery this weekend and hopefully have the appearance of getting our acts together. We will keep you informed.