The Joys of Parenthood?

Co has been sick. He is well now, but we had two days of a pukey kid. We went to sushi with a few of our friends on Saturday night and at the end of dinner Co threw-up all over our friend, Lindsay. When we got home he threw-up again and then we knew it was something that we should check out. You don’t mess around with dehydration or with fevers with little ones. We called the advise nurse both days of the sickness and of course we got two different versions of “advice.” The second day of his sickness we thought we were over it and then he did a sneak attack. There was throw-up all over me (Jo) and all over the couch (thank God for micro-fiber). Mo was complaining about how gross we were for having vomit on our furniture. I told him we were not gross, we are parents and this is a part of the deal. We slept with Co on our chest for two nights just in case he got sick in the middle of the night, I was terrified that he would choke and die. We had to get up every hour to feed him one ounce of milk. Honestly, I didn’t really care about the throw-up every where I cared more about the lack of sleep. I am still tired, but Co is happy and healthy and back to eating like a horse. This is a part of the joys of parenthood, right?