The La Pavoni P3v2 and Me

I’m a bit of a coffee drinker. I have been ever since my early teens. As a kid I also had trouble sleeping, and therefore also had trouble waking up. My parents found that coffee was a good way to get me on the bus during my high school years. That being said, I kind of love coffee.

A few years ago when I worked for Viz it was decide that we needed a new espresso makers. And with some research and a few trails we ended up getting a Jura. Which was a great machine, easy to use make, ok coffee. The thing is the guy that sold it to us really wanted to take out old machine. I think to resale, but he would never really come clean to that. Me being a coffee lover and a bit of a husler explained to my boss. “If he is just going to hull that thing off and take it to the dumb then just give it to me I can fix it.” and she said ok.

The guy that sold use our new machine was pissed. He started pulling parts off of the “broken machine” assuring that it did not work. Fast forward 2+ year. I no longer work for Vizwerks, I have my own design office (well its just me in my office, but I do design things). And I’m a proud owner of a La Pavonia P3v2.

I have been lugging this very heavy, non functioning machine around for years now, and this week I deiced that I was going to get it working. I’ve been in touch with Stefano at Stefano’s Espresso Care. Who according to the internet is “The Man” when it comes to fixing espresso machines. And he has said about fixing my machine that;

I’m not interested in touching such an old machine too many variables that can turn into a can of worms



So I’ve got that going for me. Bottom line, if you know anything about rebuilding 80’s espresso machines, or just want to hang out in my garage and drink beer as I try not to blow up my new house. Drop me a line at markoku at gmail dot com.

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  1. There has been some small progress. I’ll write a up to date post soon. Bottom line, I need more power.

  2. There has been some small progress. I’ll write a up to date post soon. Bottom line, I need more power.

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