Twig & Thistle, a New Design Site

My sister in-law Kathleen is a graphic design, and a great one at that. She is by far the first person that I go to when I need something to look right (and not just because she gives me the family rate). When you open one of her hand made cards, it give you a feeling of guilt. Mostly stemming from just uploading camera phone photo’s of your son to Walmart’s website and hitting the “Make me 100 Christmas cards” button, (whatever thats just how I roll). 


Just a taste of Kathleen's handy work
Just a taste of Kathleen's handy work.


Kathleen does a lot of work by hand, and is starting to share her style, know-how and tips with us Walmart unloaders on her new website called Twig & ThistleTwig & Thistle is a site that just scrolling through will inspire you design more things in your life. When I see Kathleen’s work, an in turn Twig & Thistle it makes me want to stop designing buildings, just for a second, and finish that holiday card…from last year.

Point of Clarification: We do not  get our holiday cards at Walmart-I (Jo) got them done at Costco. I didn’t want Mo to be a liar.