What if you did?

When my (Jo’s) little sister, Ashley, was about 6 years old she used to ask a billion questions (maybe she was younger…I can’t remember anything any more).  Her favorite questions were, “What if you did?” “What if you didn’t?” For example, she would ask you “What if you stole this piece of candy?,” and you would reply back, “That would be bad,” and she would inevitably say “What if you didn’t?,” and you then would reply, “That would be good.” She asked it about everything all the time. It was hilarious and annoying all rolled into one.

I think about that saying all the time. I think of all the funny things she said and continues to say. I think about what funny things Co will say. As Ashley grows older (she is almost 15) I am amazed to see her grow into this beautiful, intelligent, young woman…who is still hilarious and annoying all rolled into one. As I think about it, I think that is a pretty good descriptor for most of my family.

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